Celtic Learning Centre

Celtic is short for Christian, Education, Learning, Training and Innovation Centre.

Education and empowerment through participation is a passion for us. St Columba’s Farmstead represents a rare opportunity for Christians and the wider community alike to learn through getting ones hands on the renovation and repurposing of the farm. At the centre of this learning is our Celtic Centre, an old late Victorian red brick animal barn that will provide the wider community with a learning centre dedicated to sustainable living and lifestyle.

Whether it is environmental conservation, documenting wildlife, flora and fauna, planting and nurturing the forest garden, hedge planting, animal welfare, gardening all the activities on the farmstead make up a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow in our understanding of how to care for our world and live sustainably.

Schools Programme – Once this building is renovated we will be able to facilitate schools, colleges, youth groups and special interest groups from the wider community to come and learn about the breadth and interconnectedness of our work. Our teaching programmes will be linked to the National Curriculum at KS1-4 so as to maximise the learning opportunities for young people.

Theological Learning – As a Christian Community we shall be investing into biblical and theological exploration of key areas of Christian understanding in our world and how we as the Body of Christ can make a lasting contribution to the protection and preservation of God’s creation. We believe good theology is worked out on the ground in practical ways.

Details of the content and curriculum will be published in due course.

Supporting the Build of our Celtic Centre.

We are inviting members of the public, our community and well-wishers who want to invest or donate towards the renovation of this important building to please do so. Our target for a fully costed heritage renovation is £54,153. This cost represents excellent value for money. At 84 sq. metres this translates into £645 per sq. metre. When you consider an average cost on a renovation like this in London would be close to £2500 sq. metre I hope you will see the details we have prepared below represent genuine value for money.

If you wish to make a donation towards the work, please visit our Gifts and Donation page

If you wish to become a shareholder in our Community Benefit Society, please visit our CBS page and follow the instructions accordingly.

Celtic Education Centre Renovation and Repurposing Costs
Description of itemised costsCost
Site Set Up460
External scaffold and internal birdcage2530
Remove existing rotten doors and windows230
Strip roof tiles, batten and crate tiles1380
Remove damaged rafter purlins and decayed sections of wall plates920
Replace decayed wall plates and dragon ties1265
Undertake repairs to roof beams with new timbers920
Template, fabricate and install blacksmith made straps to tie beams and new metal tie rods1840
Install new purlins to replace existing ones1265
Install new rafters to replace existing ones where required1955
Repair plate ends and replace barge boards in oak1610
Install steel column under valley517.5
Fabricate 1 new window, restore 5 windows, restore 2 doors including glazing8000
Refit doors and windows including painting and weathering1610
Repair brickwork north east corner1035
Localised rebuilding to north walls plus helibar to north west corner920
Take down and rebuild loose section of brickwork to east wall between door and window920
450x450x450 pad foundation for steel column575
Allowance for repointing and reconsolidation of brick work and stone work5750
Roofing including felt, batten, dreadnought classic red handmade tiles + lead work to abutment with chimney.19737.5
Site demobilisation and clean up460

We hope you will be able to join us in our task of renovating this delightful building, and in doing so help us to create an education centre that will help the next generation to learn and replicate the great work here.

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