Origin – A Celtic Easter Journey

Origin – A Celtic Easter Journey is a celebration of the easter season and we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting three distinct, yet linked, gatherings over the Celtic Easter weekend of 23-24 April.

Origin will be an open discussion on the essence of Celtic Christianity in a seminar/workshop style. Immerse is a musical encounter exploring the richness of human creativity and Celtic Easter is a gathering to witness to Jesus Christs resurrection and celebrate the Creator of all life.

Origin – An exploration of Contemporary Christianity – 23 April @ 2pm till 4 pm

David Cole and Greg Valerio will be exploring the heart and soul of Celtic Christianity and its transformational relevance in todays world.

About this event

Origin stands as a witness to those places in our land where the message of Jesus Christ first emerged in these islands. Places where prayers, songs and hymns where first sung, the echo of which can still be heard and experienced today. In these sacred liminal spaces we are close to the original voices in the land that cried ‘Holy Holy Holy’. 

During our time together David and Greg will explore the primal call of the Holy Spirit to be at one with God our Creator. Celtic Christianity offers us a charism and lens through which we can explore our identity in God, our relationship to one another, and our connection to creation. 

St Columba’s Barn (Great Barn) is the location for our time together. Nestled at the foot of Chanctonbury Ring our regenerative ecological farm is situated in liminal space and an ideal location for us to explore the spiritual, creational and community themes embedded in our indigenous British Christian tradition. 

Here we will come with our own voices, songs and prayers to join in with these ancients in the hopeful cry of ‘Let your Kingdom Come’.

  • A donation towards our time together will be asked for.
  • Car parking is located at Chanctonbury Ring Car Park
  • Drinks and refreshments will be available.

We will finish at 4pm promptly in order to set up for Jon Bilboroughs sound check for the evening’s performance.

To Book please click on the Eventbright link below.


Wilderthorn – Immerse at the foot of Chanctonbury Ring – 23 April @ 8.30pm

An atmospheric, candlelit performance at the foot of Chanctonbury Ring

About this event

Join Wilderthorn for an IMMERSE performance at the foot of the mythic, Neolithic, Chanctonbury Ring, one of the most prominent landmarks along the South Downs.

The performance will take place within the candlelit, 19th century, stone walls of The Great Barn in the heart of a Celtic Monastic community, The Society of St Columba.

Expect a meditative live music experience of improvised, etherial sounds and atmospheric textures led by Wilderthorn’s emotive voice.

The floor is carpeted with hessian. Be sure to bring a blanket, mat or cushion to sit and lie back on to bathe in the sound. 

You are welcome to make your own pre-gig journey to ‘the ring’ and experience the Iron Age hill fort before heading on to the barn where drinks and (simple) hot food will be on sale from 8pm.

The performance starts at 8.30pm

Please select : Tickets, then Wilderthorn : IMMERSE (Donate) to reserve your space!

Free parking is available at Chanctonbury Ring Car Park, Chanctonbury Ring Road, Steyning, BN44 3DR where there will be directions to the barn (just three minutes walk). 

You are welcome to camp (no amenities) on the grounds for an additional £15 suggested donation. Please select Wild Camping (Donate) if you wish to do so.

To get a flavour of Jon’s enigmatic performances have a look at this

To Book you place on the evening please visit the Eventbright page below.


Celtic Easter Sundown Gathering – 24 April @ 6pm

About this event.

Our first Celtic Easter gathering was on 27 April 2008, on the beach at Church Norton near Selsey. This was a foundation established by St Wilfrid, an English priest and Bishop who led the arguments for the conversion/suppression of the Celtic Easter rite at the Synod of Whitby. We gathered on that day as a sign that there are still those in this land who wish to walk in the footpaths of the original Celtic Indigenous Christians.

This pilgrimage with the Holy Spirit, has led us through time and place, to some extraordinary iconic spiritual locations in Britiain (Stonehenge, Whitby Abbey, Chanctonbury Ring) and began the journey that led us to establish St Columba’s Community Farm at Chanctonbury. We continue to pray for God’s Kingdom to come, God’s will to be done and for the Holy fire of heaven to burn in us brightly.

We will gather at 6pm at St Columba’s Barn, were we will undertake a walk of witness to the top of Chanctonbury Ring. Here we will pray, break bread together, share stories of our personal walk of faith, bless one another and watch sundown in silence together. Sundown is a 8.44pm.

These are sacred moments for us all. Come and join us, you are most welcome.

To register your participation please visit the Eventbright page link below.


We welcome you Origin – A Celtic Easter Journey and look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

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