Prayer at sundown at Chanctonbury Ring


Prayer is the beginning, the middle and the end. It is the foundation upon which we build our life our Christ, and it is the final breathe we breath as we make our final journey home. Prayer is the intimate conversation we hold with our Father and is the ground of our soul on which we learn to listen.

As a community we use the Celtic Daily Prayer books 1 & 2 . Our current community rhythm of prayer is morning prayers at 7am (GMT) and a weekly Night Prayers every Friday at 8pm (GMT). Below you will find the simple liturgy we use. Please feel free to join us if you are able.

Night prayers are very simple.:

  1. You take your time – be intentionally slow
  2. You find a special location – be alone in separate place
  3. You turn up

NIGHT Prayers.

Words in bold are said all together

Words in italic are said by the office leader

® Readers go one after another in a sunwise (clockwise) direction.

+ Indicates you may make the sign of the Cross



Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord,

Lord, hear my voice. x 3


® Come I this night to the Father,
come I this night to the Son,
come I to the Holy Spirit powerful:
come I this night to God.
Come I this night with Christ,
come I with the Spirit of kindness.
Come I to Thee, Jesus.
Jesus, shelter me.

 ® O Christ, Son of the living God, may Your Holy angels guard our sleep,

May they watch over us as we rest and hover around our beds.

® Let them reveal to us in our dreams visions of Your glorious truth

O High Prince of the universe, O High priest of the mysteries.

® May no dreams disturb our rest and no nightmares darken our dreams.

May no fears or worries delay our willing, prompt repose.

® May the virtue of our daily work hallow our nightly prayers.

May our sleep be deep and soft So our work be fresh and hard.

® Be my soul on Thy right hand, O God, You the high King of heaven

Encompass me this night, O God, That no harm shall befall me.

® May God be in my sleep;
may Christ be in my dreams.
May the Spirit be in my repose,
in my thoughts, in my heart.
In my soul always
may the Sacred Three dwell.

® The Son of God be shielding me from harm,
the Son of God be shielding me from ill,
the Son of God be shielding me with power.
The Son of God be shielding me this night.

® Sleep, O sleep in the calm of each calm.
Sleep, O sleep in the guidance of all guidance.
Sleep, O sleep in the love of all loves.
Sleep, O beloved, in the Lord of life.
Sleep, O beloved, in the God of life.

® The peace of all peace
be mine this night
+ in the name of the Father,
and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit.

Gospel reading

Meditation in Silence   (20 minutes)

Personal Prayer.

We are invited to pray for one another, our communities and our world.

Closing Prayer

We are bending our knee

In the eye of the Father who created us

The eye of the Son who purchased us

The eye of the Spirit who cleanses us

In friendship and affection

And through the power of your own anointed one

Lord bestow upon us the fullness of our need

Love towards God, The affection of God

The smile of God, The grace of God

The wisdom of God, The fear of God

And the will of God.

To do upon this world of the Three

As the angels and the saints do in heaven

Each shade and light, each day and night

Through the power of the Holy Spirit.

May the almighty Lord grant us a quiet night and a perfect end.