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We are very proud of the sheepskin rugs from our Wild Ones flock. They originate from our own mixed flock of native rare breeds and are tanned in Devon, by one of the last English tanneries left in the country.

When an abattoir slaughters a sheep, the skin is considered a waste product and is either incinerated, or sold for pennies to the Chinese mass export market. Yes that’s right, the cheap sheepskin rugs you can by have flown all the way to China and back. We are not great fans of this.

As a part of our conservation breeding activities we always seek to use as much of each of our sheep as possible, as well as provide support too other shepherds in the area by buying the skins from their flocks. This enables us to support Sussex shepherds, and other keepers of native rare breeds, such as Herdwick, Southdown’s & Jacobs.

The bulk of our flock is Shetland with a small core of Manx Loaghtan. This provides us with a remarkable variety of colour and covering. Our Icelandic Rams add colour, texture, curl and length to our Shetlandic Rugs. Our customers are getting an exceptionally high quality product, from a fantastic flock of well loved sheep.

Our sheepskin rugs range in price from between £70 for a single colour, through to £120 for one of our champagne fleeces (5 colours).


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Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 25 cm

Single, 2-Colour, Champagne ( 5-Colour )


Shetland, Manx Loaghtan, Jacobs, Herdwick, Southdown, Shetlandic


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