Volunteers Policy

Charity Number: 1160486 



Recognising the rights of volunteers, the Society St Columba (SSC) and Columba’s Barn Community Benefit Society (CB-CBS) considers it to be important to provide a formal structure in which all Trustees, beneficiaries, members and volunteers can raise a complaint when they feel they have been mistreated. The SSC/CB-CBS will seek to ensure that any issues raised by a volunteer are recognised and dealt with seriously.


Stage One

If the individual feels they have cause for complaint, the issue should be raised with the General Manager as soon as possible, where the matter can be dealt with immediately.

Stage Two

If the individual does not feel the matter has been satisfactorily resolved, they can request a meeting with a member of the Board which should be arranged within one week. A record should be made of the meeting and signed by the individual and the member of the Board.

Stage Three

In a final attempt to find a resolution, the individual can ask the leader of the Board either to take a letter outlining the complaint or to represent their case in person before the Board Members of the SSC/CB-CBS. Documents detailing the previous stages should be provided for the Board Members and, where possible, they should seek to resolve the issue within two weeks of receipt of the complaint. Minutes of the meeting should be taken and signed by a member of the Board. The individual will then be notified of the decision within one week of the meeting by the leader of Board. The decision of the Board is final.